Abdullah Gül University, AGU, international students, orientation program

AGU Life: the Nigerian Experience


My name is Olamilekan Rasaq Aremu. I come from Nigeria and I am a freshman in Computer Engineering at the Abdullah Gül University (AGU).

Abdullah Gul University (AGU) is a relatively young, but well-known, university in Turkey, quite a contrast from its Nigerian reputation, which at the moment is not comparable. It is safe to say, I had a few concerns regarding my ability to adapt to a new environment such as this. Concerns which were immediately lessened by my arrival coinciding with a couple of other students who have now become my friends.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, international students, orientation program

The adaptation process was quite stress-free, owing greatly to the welcome program created by the international office, which included a ton of social boding activities, and energizers that help you make friends very easily.

It was amazing being able to meet and make friends with people from other cultures, learning about their beliefs and values and in turn, widen my personal network.

Following a few days and subsequently a few weeks, I began to observe the differences between the education here and in Nigeria, which dispelled any doubts I had, making me realize I had made the right choice of embarking on the journey of a foreign education. The interactions between professors and students, the seamless integration of the Turkish students and the international students with various cultural backgrounds and the willingness of seniors to provide support regarding any issues or problems you face are just a few of these reasons.


The education standard is also quite a feat, with an abundance of brilliant minds and talented students, which in all honesty can be quite intimidating but ultimately, motivating.

The academic level of the professors is really high, specifically in my department, with professors holding multiple academic publications.


The school is well equipped with great and ever-expanding facilities for all departments.

The city where the University is located in is called Kayseri. It is a rather large but quiet city with a few options for entertainment and fun. It is also possible to visit neighbouring cities and the world famous Cappadocia region to spend some exciting time.

Kayseri is a city with a cold climate in winter; packing for the cold weather was a good call! However, the spring and summer seasons are very pleasant while the rest of Turkey becomes very hot and humid.

All in all, my first semester at AGU was a great experience ranging from the trials of “Calculus-1” class to visiting the Kayseri Marina and I cannot wait to see what the second semester holds for me!

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