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Hina from Pakistan tells us about AGU and Kayseri

Hello everyone ! I am Hina…

I am an international Mechanical Engineering student at the Abdullah Gül University. I would like to share with you all my experiences at AGU and in Kayseri in this blog, as I believe that they are worth telling.

Leaving from my hometown in Pakistan and coming to AGU was a difficult choice to make. I got accepted to many of the best universities in the world and in Turkey but I wanted to come to AGU because I was really amazed by the opportunities they were providing. I had a lot of expectations from this university and it never let me down. From the day I arrived in Kayseri Airport until now, I have been really satisfied with my choice because this university has given me a lot of good memories.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Study in Turkey, International Programs, International Students, Orientation Program, Orientation Week, Student Life, Activities

The first week of my stay in AGU was the orientation week. I was looking forward to that even before coming to AGU as it sounded really amazing. During the week, I explored the university, went for a Kayseri tour and even met the 11th President of Turkey, Abdullah Gül. The experience was great and unforgettable.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Study in Turkey, International Programs, International Students, Orientation Week, New Academic Year, President Abdullah Gül, 2015-2016

And then at the end of the week, all the international students went on a trip to Cappadocia, a very famous and beautiful touristic destination in Turkey. The trip was hosted by the International Office and free of cost (except the underground city entrance fee). The trip was really awesome as we visited the underground caves, went on a tour of Cappadocia, had lunch and did some amazing stuff.

Cappadocia, Abdullah Gül University, AGU, International Students, Orientation Week, trip, Uçhisar, viewpoint

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Study in Turkey, International Programs, International Students, Orientation Program, Orientation Week, Cappadocia, tourism, trip, Discover Turkey

It is said that happiness doesn’t last for long. True that because after the very amazing and fantastic orientation week, started the deadly first semester. In the orientation week our curriculum advisor said, “AGU is a new university but don’t think that it is going to be an easy university”. During the semester I realized that he was totally right. The courses were tough and very demanding. Sometimes the classrooms seemed like ghosts coming to haunt me but I guess that’s how university life is.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Campus, Iron Building, Classrooms, Facilities

Studying in AGU had its own advantage. Due to the low student to teacher ratio, the teachers were easily approachable and always ready to help me and guide me even when they themselves were busy. The International Office also helped me greatly from settling in to answering all my questions related to academics and non-academics. The International Office people have always been very nice and friendly to me. I could share with them all of my problems and they were always available to help me and guide me. Because of them, my stay in AGU went as smoothly as possible.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, International Office, Support International Students, Student Recruitment

During the first semester, I had the chance to visit Konya, a very beautiful city in Turkey. AGU’s Young Life Student Club hosted the trip. It was a pretty amazing and well-organized trip. I got the chance to explore Turkish culture and enjoy some traditional Turkish food. My favourite thing about the trip though, were the hosts (whom I didn’t know before) who were really friendly and never let me get bored.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, International Students, Student Club, travel, tourism, Konya, trip

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Student Club, Club Activities, trip, visit, discover Turkey, Konya

Living in Kayseri was never too difficult for me. I didn’t know any Turkish but that wasn’t much of a problem for me as the people of Kayseri have always been very nice and friendly to me. During the first few weeks of my stay in Kayseri, I had some travelling issues as I was totally unaware of the new places but as I got familiar with the places, travelling wasn’t much of an issue for me. Besides, the tram and bus system over here is really good. Being an International student in Kayseri, I had many advantages regarding travelling, as I only had to pay 55TL($20) to use the bus and tram for free for the whole year. This is something that is truly amazing and advantageous as I can go anywhere within the city via tram and bus for free.

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Kayseri, City Center, Tram and Bus system

Kayseri, castle, city center, Erciyes Mountain, Abdullah Gül University, AGU

During the semester, whenever I got bored of studying, I used to go to Forum Kayseri and sometimes Kayseri Park (a shopping plaza located in Kayseri). They are really nice places for hanging out with friends and family. We can go to the cinema over there and watch a movie, go bowling or have a nice evening enjoying the food from different restaurants located there. The Forum and Kayseri Park are also very good places for shopping. I mainly buy stuff from there as it is pretty cheap and there are variety of shops over there, from local to branded ones.

Kayseri, Forum Kayseri, shopping mall, shops, food court, bowling, cinema, fun

Forum Kayseri, shopping, mall, shops, clothes, fashion

Abdullah Gül University, AGU, International Students

I love ice-skating but never had the chance to try that in my life. But when I came to Kayseri, I got a pretty good chance to try this at the Mazakaland (an amusement park located in Kayseri) ice-skating ring. It’s really cool. I often go there.

Mazakaland, Kayseri, fun, activities, AGU students, Ice-Skating

In AGU, we even had an ice-skating course organized by the Sports Department. The course was very cheap and helped me learn how to skate. It finished a few weeks ago but I can still go and join the course organized by the ice skating community of that area. Being an AGU student, I have a pretty good advantage for that, as I just have to pay half the price for the course. In Mazakaland, we can even enjoy Laser Game, cable kitesurfing and the amazing roller coaster rides but I was mainly interested in ice-skating. The experience is really great and enjoyable for me.

Ice-Skating, course, Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Sports Department, Mazakaland, Kayseri

AGU, Abdullah Gül University, Student Life, Activities, Sports, Ice-Skating, Mazakaland, Sports Department, AGU Students, Lessons

The first semester passed within the blink of an eye. Even though the courses challenged me a lot, by the end of the semester I have realized that I have learned a lot from this university. My critical thinking has greatly improved along with my communication skills. Also, the first semester has given me a lot of good and unforgettable memories. I have explored so much and so much is left to explore. I have heard that skiing on Erciyes Mountain is worth the experience. I have never been to the mountains but in the second semester I hopefully will, as the university is offering a pretty amazing and free of cost course for skiing in the second semester. We will just have to pay for renting the skiing equipment and clothes. I am really looking forward to that. Also I am eagerly looking forward to the next semester, as the experiences that I have gained in the first semester were very good. AGU may not be an ideal university, no university is, but the experience is definitely worth it and honestly my first year experience in AGU and in Kayseri was definitely worth everything.

 Written By Hina Najam

If you need to have more information about Kayseri and AGU, feel free to contact me at the below email address:


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