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Hi guys!

I’m Alper and I am a student at AGU.

I wrote this article about the AGU Basketball team. In this blog post, you will find out why people like basketball, a little bit of the team’s history (from Kaski to AGU), a little info about the team (professional, how many international players, national teams? etc.), the atmosphere of the games, team achievements and my conclusion.

Alper Basketball

I clearly think that basketball is a way of life. I played 8 years in amateur and professional clubs. I learned most things while playing. Teamwork, determination to win, initiative, making the best decision, helping each other and so on; growing up to life beneficially. That’s why people like basketball so much. Additionally, I had the chance to play basketball at the Southern Polytechnic University when I went to the USA as part of my 2-month English Language training provided by AGU. It was a great experience, that enabled me to create new friendships and improved my foreign language skills.

AGU Spor Mehmet Özhaseki

Now, let’s look at the team’s history. The first name of the Club was Kaski. In 1986, the Turkish Education Association created the Basketball Club. Their category was amateur football; yet, they decided to join the basketball category. In 2005-2006, the basketball team stepped up to the Women’s Major League. The city mayor, whose name is Mehmet Özhaseki, helped the team find financial support. The Club Management chose Mehmet Özhaseki as Head of the Club. In 2014, the Club decided to join AGU and they changed the Club name to “AGU Basketball Club”. Nowadays, the Women Basketball Team rides high.

AGU Spor Basketball Team

There are currently 8 foreign players and 6 Turkish players in the team. The coach’s name is Ayhan Avcı. Most of the players also play in their national basketball teams. Lara Sanders, Lindsay Marie Whalen and Tanasha Lovely Wright are the most famous players in the team.

AGU Students cheer on AGU Spor Basketball Team

So far, during every match, the atmosphere was amazing. The Kadir Has Sports Center is a modern building and its capacity is nearly 30.000 seats. I went to watch the team’s matches twice. I was full of life during the match. During the breaks, they play fun music at the Sports Center. AGU students prepare some shows before the match and they display them during the match time. There is a lot of noise during the match and you are impressed by the players’ level. At the end of the match, you can talk with the players and take some photos. They are friendly and outgoing. The funny part is that, while you’re going to class on campus, you can see the players from time to time. They are really tall. ☺

Kadir Has Sports Center inside Kadir Has Sports Center

This season, the Team finished Second in the Turkish Women’s Basketball League. In 2007-2008 and 2012-2013, the team took Second Place in the Euro Cup. In 2013-2014, they played in the Quarter Finals of the Euro League. The AGU Sport Team has motivated me to continue playing basketball. I hope that in the next season, the Team will be First in the League. I wish they play in the Euro League Final.

AGU Spor Basketball Player AGU Spor Basketball game at Kadir Has Sports Center

If you come to watch AGU Basketball, you will be excited and have a good time. Guys, we want to see you for the next season of basketball matches. We are delighted to have you here! See you soon ☺

AGU Spor Team thanks AGU fans at Final


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