Kayseri city center

Living in Kayseri

Taha AGU Student

Hello everyone! My name is Taha; I am from Yozgat, a well-known city in Turkey. I am really glad to give you guys some information about the Abdullah Gül University (AGU). AGU is a Turkish State University but many people believe it to be a private University because of all the great advantages students benefit from (scholarships, free accommodation, USA language education, Erasmus, international connections, internships, etc.).

With this Blog post, I would like to tell you about one particular aspect of the AGU experience which is “living in Kayseri”. It is a wide and interesting topic to tackle and by the end of the article, you will hopefully know more about what this city is special and famous for 🙂


Kayseri is situated middle of Turkey. It has been one of the most important trade centers of Anatolia over history.

Kayseri city center

What I like about living in Kayseri is that you can take advantage of being in a modern, busy city but also can feel the strong traditional and cultural atmosphere.

My friends and I usually enjoy going to “Kayseri Forum” or “Kayseri Park” (some of the large shopping malls located in the city center). You can find whatever you want in these malls such as, clothing brands, IT shops, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Luckily, AGU is situated in the city center and it is very easy to reach all the different interesting places of Kayseri.

Kayseri castle

The setting in the city center is spectacular and beautiful with the 1500 year-old castle and both the Erciyes (a snow-capped volcano) and Ali mountains in the background.

Kayseri mosque

  •  TALAS

Talas is a nice district of Kayseri. Another big University of Kayseri called Erciyes University is located in that area. There are a lot entertainment opportunities and nice places for young people in the city. The nightlife in Talas is also excellent! We like going to Talas for its many nice cafes and restaurants.

AGU student Taha in Talas

Old-Talas is the most interesting part of Talas. You can visit historical places and monuments there. You really feel the ancient spirit and atmosphere.

Talas street_Kayseri


Kadir Has Culture and Sport Center

I like going to the Kadir Has culture and Sport Center to watch AGU’s basketball team (“AGÜSPOR”) play its championship’s games or to see many cultural and artistic activities (theatre, concert, conferences…) that take place here almost every day. (Read what Ömer has to say about Sports in AGU)

AGU Spor Basketball team


Erciyes Mountain is a magnificent place as well as a sports center for people interested in skiing/ snowboarding and other snow sports. There are also many good restaurants with open buffet breakfasts, dinners, picnic and etc.

You can read this article written by Mustafa to know more about what skiing on top of the Erciyes Mountain feels like.

Skiing on Erciyes Mountain


Paragliding on Ali Mountain

Ali Dağı is another famous mountain in Turkey because it attracts many fans of paragliding. I also consider this mountain as a great spot for picnic 🙂


Sultan Sazlığı Birds' Paradise

We sometimes go to Sultan Sazlığı, which is a very relaxing place with a pure and beautiful atmosphere.


Kayseri has always been a popular option as starting point to explore Cappadocia, one of the most famous and visited turistic region in the world. I find Cappadocia very unique. My friends and I went there many times. Once, we rented a car (it is so popular in Kayseri and you can find cheap cars around the campus) and went to Capadocia for a day-trip in order to picnic and go on an adventure ☺

Taha and friends in car


As you can see, Kayseri is a large and dynamic city with a very long history and strong culture. The city and its region attract many tourists from all around the world every day and has become a strong industrial center. It is really pleasant to live here.

It would be my pleasure to make you visit and show you in person all the places I talked about in this article.

See you soon 🙂

– Taha


  1. Lokman Günay

    Good review Taha, congratulations. Yet, there is one thing that you forgot to mention. Most of those opportunities are just for the students who are the first 20.000 according to the OSYM exam result.
    *** *AGU is a Turkish State University but many people believe it to be a private University because of all the great advantages students benefit from (scholarships, free accommodation, USA language education, Erasmus, international connections, internships, etc.).*****


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