AGU Club Fest

Hi guys, my name is Alper and I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the Abdullah Gül University. I want to write this article about the AGU Club/Social life and in particular the Club Fest that took place recently. As we are like a family at AGU, every year, we organize the AGU Club Fest. The aims of this festival are to socialize and to get experience. Generally it is held during the spring months and everybody (our Rector, Vice-Rector, Professors, Faculty and Prep School students) participate in the AGU Club Fest. AGU currently has 10 student clubs, which all AGU students (national/international, from any Departments) have the opportunity to join.

  •  AGU International Association (AIA)
  • Travel and Social Assistance
  • Music and Performing Arts Club
  • AGU-Friends
  • Sports Activities Club
  • Photography Club
  • Signshine
  • Bicycle Club
  • Science and Technology Club
  • Operations Research and Industrial Engineering Club

AGU Student Clubs as well as the University administration organize events and trips such as Ski outings, trips to Cappadocia and the Sultan Sazlığı Reedfield (Bird Sanctuary), as well as bicycle tours around Kayseri. AGU Students at Sultansazlığı Reedfield Skiing on Erciyes Mountain

Also, every year in the Club Fest, we organize traditional tournaments such as basketball, football, billiard and table tennis because we believe that taking care of our bodies is as important as training our minds. That is why we have several on- and off-campus sports facilities at AGU. During tournaments, our participants are very excited and have a lot of fun.

Basketball Pool Football team During AGU Clubs Fest, businessmen and -women, Professors, our Rector, authors, actresses and travellers come to present various topics to our students in the Conference Hall. Also, participants can discover and take part in some scientific and technologic activities around the hall. AGU talks cable  robot plane At the end of the Club Fest, the AGU Music Club organises a concert to have fun. Participants can play some amusing games during this time. Moreover, you can eat some traditional foods. concert food   darts

Guys, we want to see you at the next AGU Club Fest. We would be delighted to have you here! See you soon 🙂

Learn more about our AGU Student Clubs here.

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