Cupcake Festival

Hello everyone! We are the organizers of the First AGU Cup Cake Festival.

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We want to initiate a new traditional festival in our university. We love cupcakes, who doesn’t like them?

Cupcakes are a fun and tasty adventure from cooking to eating.

First, when you begin to knead the dough you forget all your stress and after the baking step you see that you did a good job.

The most beautiful part is tasting your own homemade cupcake with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or carrot. Another thing is that you are creating your masterpiece on a small cake and you cannot believe the result after all your patience.

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We had this idea because we wanted to have more social activities at AGU and therefore we decided to be productive and organize something ourselves. The University upper management and all students at AGU very kindly supported us in this wonderful event.

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It proves that if you have an idea, the University will do everything to help you make it become reality. We are very thankful to all of them!


Elif Hepşen, Gülsüm Oygur, Banu Başyiğit and Kibar Cesur

Want to hear more from our students? Check out these video testimonials!


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