Reasons to join AGU…

Short Bio: Hi guys, my name is Muhammed Fatih ÖZER, I am first year Industrial Engineering student. I want to write my first article about some of the reasons why students join AGU.

Muhammed Fatih ÖZER
Hi, I’m Fatih

There are many reasons to join the AGU family:

Family Spirit and Green Campus: We are like a family because AGU only accepts 150 new students per year at the moment in order to grow efficiently and be able to fully focus on each student’s needs. This situation easily brings a family spirit into our University where all members (students, staff, professors, etc.)

Hanging out with friends
Hanging out with friends

The other thing I particularly like about AGU is its green campus. We really have a small forest in our campus (although we are in the center of a 1,3 Million inhabitants city)! There are many students walking around the park or using their bikes to go from one building to another. Our student village is very close to the University’s main buildings and the dorms are free of charge for successful students).

Green Campus
A Moment from Our Green Campus

International Opportunities: Let’s now focus on the International opportunities that AGU offers. We have the chance to have a University Department called “Youth Factory” that took its interesting name from AGU’s history. AGU’s campus has been built on the remains of one of the very 1st Turkish textile factory (80 years ago) that attracted many people/workers from different cities. Today, every campus’ building is being renovated and turned into top-quality classrooms/laboratories/conference rooms/etc. and students come from different Turkish cities and countries to study here.

Old Factory Building
Old Factory Building is Waiting For Renovation

The AGU Youth Factory provides students with European opportunities to join Erasmus+ training courses. For instance, I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in a training course in Malta last November. It was amazing! Maybe I can talk about it in another article 🙂

AGU In Malta!
AGU In Malta!

New Technologies and Free USA Trips: In AGU, we are not using notebooks because we have MacBooks! Yes, AGU is giving MacBooks to all its graduate students. In my opinion, MacBooks are very useful and we do not need to bring anything else. We take notes and receive our class content on our computers and have all our lessons centralized on the online platform called “Schoology”.

Our MacBooks
Our MacBooks

Moreover, AGU is giving scholarships and free 2-month trips to the USA to its best students. Guys, I think you should really consider joining us in AGU.

AGU In New York!
AGU In New York!

We are waiting for you and would be glad to show you our lovely campus! See you soon 🙂

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    1. aguintoffice

      Hello Moubarak!

      we are glad you enjoyed the article and our students are going to continue posting more (check out our latest entry about skiing on Erciyes mountain)

      We hope to receive your application soon. As you may know Undergraduate Admissions are currently open. You can take a look at our requirements and apply online here:


  1. Halil BILGIN

    AGU is the school of my dreams. I have passed YGS that is the first step of OSYS. I hope everything will be okay and i will pass LYS successfully and then I will have the best years of my life .

    See you soon AGU 🙂


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